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Star Citizen crowdfunding has ended – game devs rake in $6.2 million

Crowdfunding for Star Citizen has ended and Chris Roberts and his dev team have managed to amass a whopping $6.2 million dollars

We've covered Chris Roberts' new game Star Citizen rather extensively recently, as the game has been in the midst of crowdfunding since the end of October. As the game has received more and more pledges, the developers have revealed new features and increased the scope of the game. In the past week, during the last few days of the crowdfunding effort, they blasted their way past the previous world record for crowdfunding, when they hit $4.2 million. When the effort finally ended yesterday, the game had received $6,238,563 in pledges. This is more than 300% of what the Star Citizen team were originally hoping to get, and even now, some funding is trickling in.

Pew pew pew!


The final game will have a single player campaign with over 50 missions, a persistent universe with 100 star systems to explore and several starships to fly around in. Further more, zero-g combat outside your ship, landing at space ports and being able to take part in several professions, all set in an MMO universe, will keep players entertained for quite a while (hopefully, at least). The development team is estimating the game's release at 2014, and those who have pledges can take part in the alpha and beta versions as well, which will become available within 12 months.

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