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Star Citizen breaks crowd funding record!

The new pc exclusive space sim game Star Citizen had broken a world record, gaining more financial backing from it's fans than any other crowd funded project in history.

Star Citizen, the ambitious new space sim currently being developed by Chris Roberts (of Wing Commander fame) has broken a world record. The game, which is due out in 2014 has been on crowdfunding for almost a month now, and a short while ago, it became the most successful crowdfunding project of all time, breaking the previous record as it passed the $4.2 million mark. This record means the project has gathered more than double that of it's initial goal of $2 million.

In game screenshot


There's now barely two days left in the crowdfunding effort, and as is usually the case, the contributions are flooding in at an accelerated pace. The developers, who are promising unlocks such as new features, richer storyline and a more expansive universe as the supporters pass certain funding goals, are stating that they can't produce concept art quickly enough to keep up with the donations at this point.

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