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Standalone LG G Watch R2 with 4G LTE expected to headline MWC 2015

Forget January’s CES, it’s March’s MWC that should mark the beginning of a new era for smartwatches and the mobile industry in general.


Psyched about the fast approaching commercial launch of the Apple Watch? Of course you are. But what if we were to tell you someone else is working on a far more productive, uber-stylish and potentially cheaper wearable? Would you consider holding off for something like that?

Maybe you don’t have to, as the Apple Watch is unlikely to see daylight before spring, whereas the G Watch R2 is expected on display in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. When? Between March 2 and 5, which is less than four months after the first-gen G Watch R’s release, and nine months on the heels of the square version’s rollout.

What could have LG possibly revolutionized in such a narrow window of time? They’re not on the verge of reinventing the wheel, that’s for sure, but rumor is they’ll add cellular connectivity in the mix. High-speed 4G LTE support, to be exact, giving the 3G-enabled Samsung Gear S a serious run for its money.


With built-in LTE, we not only expect LG’s third Android Wear effort to decrease its reliance on a synched smartphone, and be capable of making and receiving voice calls by itself. It should also access the web in an instant, and provide an ultra-fast on-the-go browsing experience.

Granted, a standard smartwatch is hardly the ideal device for either voice calls or browsing. But if you can have the functionality, and not pay an arm and a leg for it, why not take things beyond the basic fitness tracker level?

Of course, at the moment, there’s no way to know how much LG plans to charge for the no doubt round, no doubt elegant G Watch R2. Or what kind of carrier backing the Koreans are looking at if the timepiece is indeed a standalone, call-enabled gizmo. But recent history makes us fairly optimistic, and so you’re advised to keep your cool if Apple miraculously pulls off an early “iWatch” launch.

Source: Business Korea

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