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Square Enix’s acclaimed J-RPG ‘Final Fantasy V’ now available on Android

Final Fantasy V

Square Enix’s iconic J-RPG Final Fantasy V has finally made its way onto the Google Play Store, allowing Android users to partake in the epic 2-D heroic journey throughout one of the most acclaimed titles in gaming history.

The game launched first on iOS earlier this year, and has now officially launched for Android-based devices with a $15.99 price tag that matches its counterpart.

This groundbreaking title allowed players to customize their characters with an unprecedented degree of freedom thanks to a new job and ability system that further improved and refined the job change system used in FINAL FANTASY III.

“The title also saw the introduction of more detailed and expressive 2D character models, which helped further fuel the player’s imagination, making the story even more immersive and fun to play.”

While the traditional turn-based RPG has a higher price tag than most mobile games, this is an excellent opportunity for gamers to relive the magic that the early Final Fantasy titles had to offer. It’s a treat for the nostalgic and new gamer alike, and features a variety of new content including a massive update in graphics, new areas and bosses, and even fresh character portraits drawn from renown artist Kazuko Shibuya.

Final Fantasy V requires Android 4.0 and up, and be sure to head on over to the game’s official page to make sure your devices are compatible before making a purchase.
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