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Square Enix registers new Deus Ex Universe and Hitman Go trademarks



Square Enix has hinted at plans to expand two of their most robust fan-favorite franchises by registering trademarks for what appears to be new titles in both the Hitman and Deus Ex series.

The trademarks were filed on Sept. 10 by Square Enix’s Europe chapter, which may point to an initial release overseas which will most likely branch towards North America and other parts of the world. According to recent reports, the trademarks are known as Deus Ex: Universe as well as Hitman Go and Hitman Sniper.

After the high acclaim garnered by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the cyberpunk franchise became one of Square Enix’s heavy hitters. The publisher has since expanded on the intial release with Deus Ex: The Fall, and a major film adaptation of the iconic series is currently the works.


The title Deus Ex: Universe has a realm of possibilities and potential to it, and has a MMO-esque ring to it…however Square Enix may not stray too far from their patented blend of RPG and FPS mechanics for the series.

Still it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for gamers, and if the new title will take advantage of the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 upon release.

As for the Hitman trademarks, Hitman Go has a mobile ring to it and may be a murder-filled adventure that gamers can take with them on-the-go via tablets and smartphones, whereas Hitman Sniper is harder to pinpoint. The latter could point to a number of possibilities, such as a full-fledged retail release starring none other than the illustrious assassin Agent 47.

In any case, we may hear more about these titles in the next coming months when next-gen consoles facilitate their hold on the market, and fans across the world will no-doubt be excited to jump back into the dark, tech-infused world of Deus Ex for another unforgettable journey.

Via Siliconera

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