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Sprint LG G Flex priced at $300 with contracts, rolling out January 31

Unlike Samsung with the “experimental” Galaxy Round, LG appears to have taken this curved display smartphone business quite seriously right off the bat, as its first stab at the futuristic concept, the G Flex, is almost ready to take America by storm.

LG G Flex

Of the three major carriers expected to launch the curvy big guy stateside, Sprint is the first out the door with specific ETAs and pricing details. The Now Network has the G Flex up for online pre-orders already, while shipping is slated to start on January 31.

If you’d rather see for yourselves how much of a difference the curve makes, or how exactly do the nifty self-healing functions work, the 6-incher is to roll out in Sprint brick and mortar stores starting February 7. Just don’t expect to find it everywhere in hundreds of copies, as mass producing even partially flexible handhelds is no easy feat.

Also, remember to check out the screen defect reported online of late and that LG insists “has no relation to the performance and quality of the device”. Not that I don’t trust their statements, but better safe than sorry, so if sellers will allow it, apply some force to the phone’s chassis and see what happens.

LG G Flex-2

Oh, right, I almost forgot the key tidbit about G Flex’s Sprint release: pricing. With new 24-month contracts, the handheld phablet is to cost $299.99, which is quite a lot, but certainly not unexpected. After all, the same beast has a $1,000 outright price tag in India.

There’s another way to score the G Flex via the Now Network, namely by coughing up $150 upfront and an extra $20.84 a month for two whole years, bringing the grand total to less than $650. The upside? You don’t need to commit to a pact, though you’re still kind of tied up to the carrier.

To sweeten the deal (just) a little, Sprint throws in a free QuickWindow Folio Case ($59.99 value) with each pre-order made through January 31. If only they’d also bump up the screen resolution to 1,080p.

Source: Sprint

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