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Spotify Killed the Radio Star: Streaming Service Might Be in Cars Soon

We’ve all been in that infuriating situation: gridlock on the way to the office. The morning programme host on the radio annoys the living daylights out of you. You switch stations, again and again. All of them are playing absolute garbage. Garbage no more: rumours have emerged that Spotify could be coming on board your car, and this situation might never happen again.

Just recently, Spotify has announced a major press event on the 24th of April in New York City. This announcement comes amidst rumours of a new product that would bring the world’s largest music streaming service to your cars. Users of the service have reported receiving prompts to pre-order a new device by Spotify that appears to be stuck on the dash of an automobile. According to reports, the prompts advertised a variety of price-points with different sets of functions: some reported seeing full Amazon Alexia featured, others 4G support for independent connectivity. It seems that prices ranged between USD12.99 to USD13.99 (SGD17 to SGD18.40) per month.

Reports of these sightings surfaced in February, vanishing suddenly by March. It appears that Spotify had accidentally released the announcement ahead of schedule, with users reporting the advertisement never to appear again. Spotify’s support forums dimissed these as routine ‘tests’.

Just last month, the service implemented an in-car standalone app in collaboration with Cadillac. It had stated then that voice control would be an important feature on a device in an automobile – perhaps this is the final link.

Ian Ling
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One thought on “Spotify Killed the Radio Star: Streaming Service Might Be in Cars Soon

  1. Interesting. But I’d rather add it to Android’s app. Some solution to easily connect to car’s radio thru bluetooth or USB cable, and stream music to it.

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