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Spotify has finally launched its Apple Watch app officially today. After testing it earlier in the month, the application is now available on the App Store within the Watch app. In its first iteration, it allows users to control music via Spotify Connect and to play music on the Apple Watch itself. However, the watch app still does not allow you to download songs for offline playback yet.

Spotify on the Apple Watch. Image: Spotify

For users of the LTE-enabled Apple Watch, this means your Watch will be able to stream and play Spotify audio independently, which might free your hands (or arms) up on your runs. An added convenience for all Apple Watch owners would be greater control over streaming device options and the ability to thumb up/down or like/dislike the track. Users can also choose playlists and toggle shuffle from the list of recently played ones within the application. The app also displays the remaining time on the track – another plus over the Now Playing feature that does not show the progress of the track.

The inability of the Spotify Apple Watch app to sync tracks for offline playback will be the main point for lamentation for users, though third-party applications do support this functionality. The streaming giant has promised support for this feature in the near future.

Ian Ling
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