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Spit on your phone for good health

Technological advancements empower our phones to do so many things, but soon you can spit on your phone to know if you're down with flu, quite literally. A new developement from Korean utilizes capacitative screens like those on smartphones to detect the presence of bacteria.

South Korean scientists Hyun Gyu Park and Byoung Yeon Won have found a way where by people can place a sample of their own saliva on their touchscreen for analysis of their health.

“Since these touchscreens can detect very small capacitance changes, we thought they could serve as highly sensitive detection platforms for disease biomarkers,” the scientists mentioned.

Through the demonstration of a prototype screen, they managed to show that the detection of various concentrations of bacteria is possible.Improvements still have to be made to allow the system to sense different kinds of bacteria, and giving a more accurate assessment of the disease involved. Perhaps we can hope that when the technology is ready, people with severe or prolonged illness can monitor their own health status comfortably from home, as well as diagnose a serious issue early enough to receive help with this kind of convenience.


Source: Digital Trends

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