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Spin Master offers a unique AR experience with the Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone


Spin Master has launched the Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone, which happens to be the first real drone immersed in an augmented reality gaming world. Using a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled smart device and the free Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone app (available on the Google Play and App Store) players will be able to fly the Mission Drone over the customized AR tracking mat, which uses visual and spatial tracking to create an advanced 3D augmented reality world.

The Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone is based on the company’s award-winning Air Hogs Connect augmented reality gaming platform. It combines the physical fun of controlling an actual RC drone with the digital fun of augmented reality gaming. As a result, players can look forward to a fully immersive, mixed reality, interactive gaming experience, where players enjoy flying the Air Hogs drone, while they are challenged to lead and pilot it and a team of heroes through endless search and rescue missions  and challenges to save the world from attack by alien forces.


With Air Hogs, Spin Master created the RC flight category. Our history of disruptive innovation continues with the new Air Hogs Connect platform. It pushes the boundaries of a remote control vehicle by combining it with one of the most talked about technologies today – augmented reality,” said Nick Beliaeff, vice president of production at Spin Master, Inc.  “This is where innovation meets entertainment. As the first product to be introduced to this new AR gaming platform, Mission Drone players will be amazed as they fly the physical drone in their living room, and then watch the room transform into a science fiction universe while they work to command a team of heroes and complete tasks, rescue missions and more in a unique mixed reality experience.”

The Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone is now available in the US via major retailers such as Barnes & Nobles and Amazon for a MSRP of $149.99. For more info, visit the product page at this link.


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