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Sparkle Updates Calibre Series with 6 New Models, Quad-Display GTX 580 Included

Sparkle has added six new models to its Calibre series of premium graphics cards. Its new flagship model, the Calibre X580 Captain, supports "2 divided images spanning across 4 displays" and has voltage measurement points for overclockers. Besides this, there are overclocked versions of the GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 and GTX 550 Ti. Even the lowly GT 520 gets a (pointless) upgrade to 2GB of memory. More pictures and specifications after the break.

The first addition to Sparkle's Calibre lineup is the X580 Captain, which was on display at Computex. It has three Mini DisplayPort and two Dual Link DVI outputs, which according to Sparkle allow for "1 single image on 3 displays simultaneously and 2 divided images spanning across 4 displays at once".

This description seems to imply that the X580 Captain does not support a true quad-display setup, and that the two display outputs from the GPU are each spanned across two monitors Eyefinity-style instead. The maximum supported resolution in this mode was not stated.

Other features of the X580 Captain include a rear backplate to prevent PCB warping, deluxe hybrid capacitors and voltage measurements points for GPU and memory voltages. Cooling-wise, the X580 Captain appears to be using a reference heatsink.

Above and top: The Sparkle X580 Captain

The other new models are the Calibre X560Ti DF, Calibre X560 DF and Calibre X550Ti DF. The factory overclocks on these are quite impressive, and the heatsinks are among the better looking ones out there in our humble opinion.

Above: The Sparkle Calibre X560Ti DF/X560 DF

Above: The Sparkle Calibre X550 Ti DF

Even the lowly GT 520 gets a fancy black heatsink. There's also a 2GB version of the GT 520, dubbed the X520 King. The word pointless comes to mind.

Above: The Sparkle Calibre X520/X520 King

We've summarised the specifications of the new cards in the table below:

X560Ti DF X560 DF X550 Ti DF X520 King X520
GPU GTX 580 GTX 560 Ti GTX 560 GTX 550 Ti GT 520 GT 520
Core Clock (MHz) 822 950 930 1000 900 900
Memory Clock (MHz) 2016 2301 2244 2400
Memory Size 3GB/1.5GB 1GB 1GB 1GB 2GB 1GB
Memory Interface 384-bit 256-bit 256-bit 192-bit 64-bit 64-bit
CUDA Cores 512 384 336 192 48 48

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