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South Korea Wages War on Internet Pornography

A band of South Korean volunteers calling themselves the “Nuri Cops” are fighting a battle to end Internet pornography in South Korea.

According to a recent Associated Press article, a team of 800 or so anti-porn zealots known as “Nuri Cops” feel it is their job to get pornography out of South Korea.  The volunteer net police are going about it by literally scanning the Internet looking for places that may be getting around the filters.  The team members then report the sites to the government so that the site IPs can be blocked by the internet service providers or stopped altogether if it is coming out of the country itself.

Pornography is illegal in South Korea, however, the government or any Internet provider has an extremely hard time stopping it due to South Korea being such a technologically advanced nation that is well connected to the Internet.  Currently South Korea is one of the most connected places in the world to the Internet with some 90% having high-speed access to it.  Furthermore, of the 50 million inhabitants in South Korea, 30 million of them are connected to the Internet with smartphones.

The AP report further stated that during a six-month period ending in October of this year, South Korea has arrested about 6,400 individuals who were caught either selling or producing pornography.  South Korean government agencies believe that pornography is directly related to sex crimes being committed in the country and are not easing up on any restrictions with accessing pornography on-line.  Furthermore, the  Korean National Assembly recently passed a law enforcing the prohibition of pornography distribution in the country making the maximum sentencing to be 10 years in prison.  Formerly the maximum sentencing was 7 years, but anti-pornography advocates were pushing lawmakers for harsher penalites.  

The Korean Institute of Criminology stated that the reason South Korea is seeing more sex crimes is not because of a rise in that type of offense, but that more people are coming forward to report it.   They also reported that in 2010, 18,000 people were arrested for rape, which was nearly 2.5 times higher than that reported in 2000. 

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