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Sources say the PS4 will launch this November & feature integrated smartphone support

Sources have recently revealed that Sony's next-gen console may launch with two models this November, with expansive features such as allowing gamers to control the console remotely with their smartphones and more.

According to a source in the gaming industry, Sony's next-generation console may be planned to launch sometime in November in the United States. The source also claims that the PS4's launch will consist of two models; a lite model and a premium model with additional features.

The source also goes on to say that Sony has tentative plans for a price range of $429 (lite) and $529 (premium), however this could change at any time during the year. This price point fits in with our recent coverage, which hinted at a ~$400 starting point–yet these listings are always subject to change.

The popular gaming site Kotaku vouches for the validity and calls the source "reliable", as this same source has revealed the codename for both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's new Xbox console, along with other details that have been confirmed.

Along with the potential pricing and release window, the source also suggests that gamers will be able to control the PlayStation 4 remotely via tablet or smartphone, and that players will be able to use their mobile devices to chat with their PSN friends as well as purchase digital titles on the marketplace.

"You'll be able to use a mobile device to chat with your PS4 friends or buy games which are then automatically downloaded to your machine."

Additionally, the source reveals that every PS4 will come with a PlayStation Eye, allowing gamers to interact with their friends and other gamers across the world with the new spectating feature, which lets gamers watch their friends play games–even if you don't own the game they're playing. The console also is believed to support local network play via the PlayStation Vita.

We've already seen many reports of the PS4's supposed features, including the possibility of streaming PS3 games via Gakai, Sony's massive cloud storage network, or the console's expansive specs and controller design.

It will be interesting to see if these new features are integrated with Sony's next-gen console, and if so, they will no doubt open up new doors in the realm of gaming and convenience, allowing gamers to bridge gaps that haven't been spanned before. The ability to remotely connect to your PS4 via mobile devices is quite convenient and innovative, and it will be something that allows gamers to adequately compartmentalize their gaming.

As always, the information that these industry sources have revealed remains unconfirmed and must be treated as speculation. In any case, we may see confirmation of many of these features as the rumors and speculation is put to the test during Sony's "See the Future" event, where the PS4 is believed to be revealed.

The official press event airs tonight at 6pm EST, and we'll have more information as it becomes available.


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