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Soundwich promises portability, play old records anywhere

Time to unearth those old disc archives, because Japanese electronics company Novac presents what could perhaps be the most portable and easy to use modern “gramophone” unit yet.


We all know the convenience of analog-to-digital conversion technology. However, we also understand the inconvenience of transferring records from certain outdated media, particularly from very old record discs. Sure, there are modified setups that can be used for transfer, but Soundwich perhaps solves everything a lot more conveniently, at least in the way it “packages” its features.

As seen in the image, it is capable of directly playing record discs, specifically the 33 and 45-RPM types, through its 1-watt minispeakers. If you want to plug other speakers or headphones into it, there’s the standard 3.5 mm audio jack. It can be connected directly via USB, allowing it to play music directly to your computer for easy recording. The USB also acts as its power source, and it would stay on as long it is connected to a powered USB port. Alternatively, you can also use it wirelessly using four AA batteries, although it is not indicated whether it can charge the batteries using its USB connection.

Again though, the most important feature of the product is still its portability, the slender overall package of the unit allows it to be stored and carried easily in bags. You’d still need a separate container for the discs of course however.

The Soundwich was unveiled in Japan last August 23 2013. It will be commercially available on August 30 for an estimated price tag of about 6,000 yen (61 USD).

Source: MyNavi (JP), Novac (JP)

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