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Sony’s Xperia Z4 just cleared the FCC, and look, there’s the microSD slot

That’s one feature nobody wants “upgraded”, improved, tweaked or messed with in any way, shape, or form.

Sony Xperia Z3

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, exactly how disappointed are you with Sony’s apparent plans to once again reiterate instead of innovate? 11? Can’t say we blame you, a Full HD Xperia Z4 with the same old, same old 20 megapixel camera and mostly familiar design sounds positively dreary to us also.

But look on the bright side. Not all change is good. Samsung reimagined nearly everything on the Galaxy S5, and… forgot S6’s user-removable battery, waterproofing and microSD support. Knowing Sony, they’d never, ever, ever relinquish liquid protection on a flagship phone, and external storage expansion is seemingly not going anywhere either.

Yes, some tipsters claimed the opposite, only the US Federal Communications Commission, aka the omniscient FCC, just basically demolished their credibility. The certification agency gave its stamp of approval to a “mysterious” Xperia codenamed PM-0780, which happens to measure 146 mm in height, 73 mm in width and carry an uber-desirable microSD door.

Xperia Z4 FCC

Can you guess what other Sony device sports similar measurements? Bingo, the 146 x 72 mm Z3. Also, the 146.8 x 73.3 mm Z2. Even the 5-inch Z1 circles the same figures, specifically 144 and 74 mm. So yeah, this is almost definitely the 5.2-inch or so Xperia Z4.

Oddly, the PM-0780 designation suggests a handheld situated lower on the Android food chain than the Z3, aka PM-0800. But Sony’s model numbers are often misleading, especially when they don’t want us sniffing around their unannounced high-enders.

With LTE connectivity on a slew of bands, it’s possible we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S6 “killer” picked up by more than one relevant US wireless service provider for a change. The question is will anybody care if Sony doesn’t at least renovate Z3’s exterior?

Source: Phone Arena

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