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Sony’s PS4 remote play feature for smartphone unlikely to be a major success

The latest smartphones and tablets from Sony are capable of playing PlayStation games via an added ‘remote play’ function to the company’s Android-based hardware.  Users will need a special kit that attaches the devices to their PS4 controller, and from there they can access the content and processing power of their console using a Wi-Fi connection.


“Our promise to the consumer has been to bring the best of Sony—all our consumer electronics experience—into a smartphone,” said Calum MacDougall, head of Xperia Marketing.  “We’ve consistently delivered that in the Z series with digital imaging capability, with our TV screen technology, with our audio capability.  And now this is a big step up to almost complete the set with gaming functionality.”

Although the move to include remote functionalities to the device seems like a no-brainer, analysts predict that Sony will still have a difficult time catching up to competitors like Samsung and Apple in the mobile space.  According to the IDC, the Japanese-based tech company’s handset market share slipped from 3.9% to 3.1% this past year.

Game-ability on smartphones and tablets is a key feature that many tech consumers look for when shopping for their next high-end gadget.  While Sony’s new Z-line embodies just that, some analysts do feel that it will still not be enough to help the struggling company to gain steam.

“For the gaming fraternity this is certainly something that would pique their interest when looking across a kind of homogenous set of smartphones that largely look the same and do the same kind of thing,” said Ben Wood, a telecoms consultancy.

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Source: BBC

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