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Sony’s next generation DEV-50V binoculars is here

The second-generation DEV-50V binoculars are smaller, lighter, have better zoom, OLED display and can even record videos in 3D. What else can one ask from a pair of binoculars, except maybe, a lower price?

With DEV-50V, Sony stays true to its plan to bring binoculars into the digital age. The DEV-5 series introduced digital technology into the typically analog product, bringing image sensors, autofocus, electronic viewfinders and 3D video recording to the table.

The new model is 30 percent smaller than its predecessor, weights less than 800 grams and, according to Sony, it’s dust- and rain-proof. Among its highlights are the HD and 3D movie recording, the autofocus and the optical image stabilization. Its zoom lenses ranges from 0.8X to 12X and its digital zoom capacity reaches to 25X.


The greatest improvement, though, is in the electronic viewfinder field, since the older 852×480 LCD is replaced by a OLED display with 1024×768 resolution. Additionally, its twin Exmor R image sensors have a 5.4-megapixel resolution, an improvement over the previous model’s 4.2-megapixel. Like its predecessor, DEV-50V comes with GPS on board for geotagged videos and photos.

The only drawback is the price tag, as the DEV-50V binoculars cost no less than a whopping $2000. This toy for voyuers goes on sale in June.

Source: Sony

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