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sony xtrud concept

Sony XTRUD is an Android smartphone concept with upgradeable hardware

Bought a top of the line smartphone a few months back, and now feeling burned by how quickly newer, faster phones have been announced? Well, if you had bought the Sony XTRUD, you wouldn’t have had to deal with that feeling. Why so? Read past the jump!

sony xtrud concept

First things first: the Sony XTRUD is a concept smartphone – brainchild of Rybarczyk Francois, a product designer from France. The XTRUD (pronounced the same way as extrude) is a $199 Android smartphone with customizable hardware, much like modern desktop PCs.

Not satisfied with the battery? Open up the phone, and replace it! Need a more powerful camera? Buy a new lens and install that! Chipped the phone’s body? Buy a new profile.

sony xtrud battery

volume rocker

sony xtrud packaging

It is a novel, never-before-seen concept smartphone that could shake the smartphone industry – if it ever becomes reality, that is. I personally do not think smartphone manufacturers would ever do something like this since it means losing sales on newer phones; components like the battery, chip etc. are cheap – it’s the overall packaged phone that these manufacturers sell at a good profit margin, and they would want to continue doing that.

One other interesting feature of the concept phone includes a circular dial for controlling volume. It’s a brilliant idea since a) it is how volume is controlled on most speaker systems and b) it allows for fine-tuned volume control.

Coroflot via Android Authority

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