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Sony Xperia Z4 reported to come in Quad HD and Full HD variants


Sony’s Xperia Z4 may not have been as popular in the rumor mill as the Samsung Galaxy S6, but we have still seen a lot of information show up about the Xperia Z4 in the past few weeks. The most recent leak gave us our first glimpse at the possible design of the Xperia Z4, thanks to a hacked email. Today some fresh info on the Xperia Z4 has arrived courtesy of ePrice, revealing some very interesting details.

According to the information shared by ePrice sources, the Xperia Z4 will arrive in two variants. The first one will sport a Quad HD display and will go on sale in the US market. The other variant is likely to arrive with a 1080p Full HD display. It isn’t yet clear though if all the other markets outside of US will get the 1080p variant. We wouldn’t say that the information sounds improbable, but it does seem weird that Sony would consider launching a variant with a superior display for the US market and offer a 1080p screen variant to the rest of the world.

The ePrice report also includes some other details about the Z4 that sound really interesting. The Xperia Z4 will apparently come with the same dust and water resistance capabilities of the previous Xperia Z-series devices, but will do away with the annoying plastic flap cover for the microUSB port. This is certainly great news if true, as a number of Xperia Z-series smartphone owners have complained about the USB port flap cover getting loose over time and compromising the water resistance capabilities of their devices. The report also claims that the front-facing camera on the Xperia Z4 is likely to see an improvement, although no details on the resolution are mentioned. The Z4 is also said to come with a slim chassis like the Z3, without any battery capacity reduction due to the slimmer and lighter chassis. A new Blue color option could be made available as well.

What do you think? Will it be a good idea for Sony to launch a Quad HD variant for US and Full HD variant for other markets?

Source: ePrice


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