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Sony Xperia Z4 design revealed courtesy of hacked Sony Pictures Email


Like its predecessors, the Xperia Z4 has also seen extensive leaks much before its scheduled announcement at around MWC next year. While there are plenty of rumors out there on the alleged specifications of the device, no actual pictures of the device itself had leaked so far. That has now changed, as we seem to have the first ‘genuine’ picture leak of the Sony Xperia Z4, courtesy of hackers who leaked the email inbox of Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton.

One of the emails sent to Lynton from George Leon, executive president of consumer marketing at Sony Picture Entertainment, discusses the product placement of Sony’s Xperia Z4 smartphone in the upcoming Bond movie ‘Spectre’ that will be releasing under Sony Pictures. The email mainly discusses the potential fee for endorsing the Xperia Z4 in the movie, but also includes some details about the Xperia Z4 and some early design renders of the device. The email claims that the Xperia Z4 smartphone is being planned for May/November of 2015. This info does contradict the rumors about the device so far, which seem to point to an announcement around March next year.

One of the design concepts seems to show the Z4 featuring a 1.2mm thin glass panel with mirror front and back and a resin bezel. The overall design though, does seem pretty similar to what we have seen from the company in the recent past. The same omni-balance design language as the Xperia Z1, Z2 and Z3 is very apparent. Another highlight is the yellow color option seen on one of the slides. If the design plan discussed in the leaked email is the final one for the Z4, we might see a yellow color option being offered with the Xperia Z4.

Another slide showcases a wearable product that looks more like the successor to Sony’s Smartband Talk that was announced at IFA this year.

What are your thoughts on Sony continuing with its omni-balance design with the Xperia Z4?

Source: Gizmodo

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