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sony camera attachment xperia phones
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Sony working on novel, high-end lens + sensor attachment for Xperia devices

Attachment will pack enough power to take photos comparable in quality to premium point and shoot cameras.

sony camera attachment xperia phones

There is no doubt about it: the modern-day superphone has replaced point and shoot cameras for most people. They take reasonably good-looking images, a con that is made up for by a large array of excellent image editing and sharing apps. If “reasonably good” doesn’t cut it for you, but you like how portable your smartphones is, then you should be interested in this rumored, upcoming smartphone camera accessory from Sony.

Cited two “trusted sources”, Sony Alpha Rumors (SAR) claims that Sony is working on a novel new accessory for their Xperia line of smartphones, which includes a high-quality lens and sensor combination – the same combination that is used by the award-winning Sony RX100 Mark II, premium point and and shoot camera. This means that the attachment will let you take amazingly crisp 21 megapixel photos, with up to 3.6x optical zoom.

RX100 Mark II sony

The award-winning RX100 Mark II camera and the rumored lens + sensor attachment have the same optics

The accessory will physically latch on to Xperia devices, and connect via “NFC and WiFi”.

Regarding the release date, SAR claims that the accessory will launch “soon”. Since this is a premium-grade attachment, expect an equally premium pricetag – the RX100 Mark II costs $649.99 brand new.

What are your thoughts on this new category of smartphone accessories? Wouldn’t it better to just get a good point and shoot camera instead?

Sony Alpha Rumors via The Verge

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