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Sony Visual Products now open for business

Sony officially splits its TV business to another company, Sony Visual Products, which will soon start its corporate operations at the beginning of July.


Sony had just completed the inauguration of Sony Visual Products, a new company that would now handle the corporate tech giant’s TV business -related commercial endeavors. As previously announced, the new company will start business operations this July 1st.

The establishment of Sony Visual Products was one of the numerous proposals presented by Sony last May of this year in its campaign to reform the corporation’s general business structure. One of the primary objectives stated for the new company was to turn back profitability for Sony’s TV business, which was already slowly suffering a few years back from several financial and marketing difficulties. With a separate managing company, Sony hopes for a general positive financial turnaround, and expects administration and management of its TV business to be faster and more efficient.

As announced by the previous press release, Masashi Imamura, Sony’s former SVP, Corporate Executive and President of Home Entertainment and Sound Business Group, will now be the President and Representative Director of Sony Visual Products Inc.

Source: My Navi (JP)

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