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Sony unveils new three-inch “WhiteMagic” LCD panel with RGBW pixels

With the demand for LCD panels reaching fever pitch and the call for small displays to further reduce their energy consumption and increase their maximum native resolution without adversely affecting image quality, one might be tempted to think that consumers today are an unreasonable bunch of people. However, leave it to Sony to come up with a novel solution to such demands with the introduction of its new “WhiteMagic”LCD panel which is reportedly capable of delivering on those requests, and then some.

If you have attempted to use your smartphone or compact camera while outdoors at midday, you should be fully aware of how the sun's sheer brightness at that time renders most LCD displays unviewable, even if the display's brightness has already been cranked to the max. This has naturally led to requests for LCD panels which are capable of greater brightness levels, while still retaining a low power consumption rating,

Sounds impossible to achieve? Well, not if you happen to be part of the staff working over at Sony. Apparently, the Japanese electronics giant has announced its success in commercializing its new “WhiteMagic” LCD display which is reportedly capable of fulfilling the aforementioned needs, thanks to its use of RGBW pixels.

According to Sony, the addition of a white (W) subpixel into an LCD panel has allowed it to achieve approximately “double the brightness” of conventional LCD panels which make use of RGB pixels, while still being able to lower the power consumption of the panel's backlighting by “around 50%”. In addition, to ensure that the additional white subpixel does not result in the deterioration of image quality, Sony claims that it has furnished its “WhiteMagic” LCD panel to make use of a new processing algorithm which “analyzes the input picture data and performs suitable signal processing” to produce a deterioration-free display.

Specs-wise, Sony has confirmed that the “WhiteMagic” LCD panel will sport a three-inch 1.23M-dot full VGA resolution, and will make use of transmissive technology. The display also boasts a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a viewing angle of 160 degress (horizontal and vertical), along with the ability to reproduce up to 60% of the NTSC colour gamut.

Lastly, Sony has announced that its new “WhiteMagic” LCD panel will boast at least two different operating modes. The first one, which is known as “low power mode” , which allows for users to take advantage of the company's claims of being able to reduce the power consumption of the panel's backlighting by half. The other mode, which Sony has dubbed “outdoors mode”, is centered on boosting the panel's brightness levels by approximately double to make it easy for users to view the contents displayed on it under bright sunlight.

Sample shipments for the “WhiteMagic” LCD panel will commence in the early parts of October this year, where they will be sold to OEMs at the price of 5,000 yen or approximately US$64.

Source: Sony

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