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Sony unveils new range of Balanced Armature In-ear Headphones

Sony has introduced a new range of Balanced Armature (BA) in-ear headphones, which includes 11 models featuring its new BA technology for high performance music enjoyment.  The technological breakthrough revolves around the BA drivers, which are micro-sized construction that are ¼ the size of conventional dynamic drivers, yet retaining the ability to achieve high resolution sound. 

Sony says its BA drivers are optimised for music enjoyment, and located within a sealed housing to reduce the amount of ambient noise, as well as significantly reducing the levels of sound leakage – both in and out of the ear.  The result is a deeper and richer sound, allowing for high-quality playback over a broader sound range across all models of the new Sony Balanced Armature headphones.

"With audiophiles and music lovers in general continually in pursuit of greater sound quality, the Sony Balanced Armature headphones offers a new holistic auditory experience," said Mr. Yosuke Aoki, General Manager, Personal Imaging & Sound Asia Pacific, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. "These new models will forever change the way one appreciates music by catering to their individual specific needs."

The 11 models of in-ear headphones are as follows:

  • XBA-1, XBA-2, XBA-3 and XBA-4: For high sound quality for common listening
  • XBA-1iP, XBA-2 iP, XBA-3 iP and XBA-4 iP: Same as the XBA but with a remote control for use with music players and hands-free talk for smartphones
  • XBA-S65: Waterproof and washable for the sporting consumer
  • XBA-BT75: Bluetooth wireless headset model
  • XBA-NC85D: The smallest and lightest in-ear headphone with digital noise cancelling

XBA-1, XBA-2, XBA-3 and XBA-4 headphones encompass one (full range), two (full range + woofer), three (full range + woofer + tweeter), and four (full range + woofer + tweeter + super woofer) respectively.  This allows music lovers to purchase the appropriate earphone with a frequency response that best suits their listening preference.  The versions with the iP designation simply come with additional support for music players and hands-free talk for smartphones.

Note that the XBA-S65 (Waterproof), XBA-BT75 (Bluetooth) and XBA-NC85D (Digital noise cancelling) features only a single full range BA driver for each ear.  In the case of the XBA-BT75 and XBA-NC85D, the micro-size of the new BA drivers does mean that the Bluetooth transmitter and noise cancellation circuitry respectively are built right into the headphone housing; including their rechargeable batteries.

The new Sony Balanced Armature in-ear headphones will be available from all authorised Sony dealers from November 2011.

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