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Sony unveils commercial ESSP-2000 industrial battery with 10-year shelf life

Sony has unveiled its new commercial-grade ESSP-2000 industrial battery, which boasts the capability to provide business users with up to at least 10 years of reliable power output without experiencing significant cell deterioration. According to the Japanese electronics giant, the ESSP-2000 is designed to meet the energy needs of data centres and server farms in unlikely event that a massive power outage takes place. More details after the break.

Sony has unveiled the ESSP-2000, an industrial battery which has been claimed to be capable of providing commercial users with up to at least 10 years of reliable power output. Designed to meet the needs of data centres and server farms, the ESSP-2000 reportedly makes use of lithium-ion iron phosphate cells to achieve its long shelf life and high power output.

According to Sony, the ESSP-2000 can be used in three different modes, namely UPS mode, Discharge Timer mode and Backup mode. UPS mode allows users to charge the battery while it provides electrical power to connected equipment, much like how one would charge a notebook or mobile phone while its bundled battery pack is still actively supplying power to the device.

Discharge Timer mode, on the other hand, supposedly allows users to set specific times for the ESSP-2000 to charge and discharge itself, while Backup mode is designed so that the ESSP-2000 will automatically trigger itself in the event a power failure takes place. Sony claims that the ESSP-2000 is capable of making the switch from main to backup power in a mere 20 miliseconds to minimize the likelihood of connected devices unexpectedly shutting down from the sudden power loss.

No mention about the ESSP-2000's pricing has been revealed by Sony at this point of time, although the company has claimed that the device should be made available for sale in Japan come September this year.

Official specifications for the ESSP-2000 industrial battery are as follow:

Source: Sony Japan

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