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Sony teases ‘smartphone with greater focus’; can you say Xperia Z5?

The IFA teaser image makes it clear (pun intended) that Sony’s next-gen flagship handheld will debut in little more than a week with an extremely well-endowed rear camera in tow.

Sony IFA teaser

Just because Sony already revealed the date of its IFA Berlin product announcements, also hinting at the classes of devices due for imminent upgrades, it doesn’t mean it’s all going to be quiet on the Xperia front until September 2.

On the contrary, as following multiple consecutive drops in sales and revenue, the Japanese manufacturer needs massive buzz built around the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact prior to their formal introductions.

The former, which some tipsters like to call Z5 Plus, recently showed its face (sort of) in a slew of dummy unit pics, and in a wholly unexpected leap, could pave the way for 4K resolution mobiles after inexplicable stubbornness from its predecessor to board the 2K bandwagon.

Meanwhile, the Z5 Compact is cloaked in thicker secrecy, though the diminutive high-ender was itself pictured next to big bro not long ago with fingerprint recognition, but no USB Type-C connectivity.

Now, one of the two looming smartphones stars in a terribly blurry promotional photo, along with this message: “Get ready for a smartphone with greater focus. All will become clear on 02.09.2015.” There you have it – a new Android with an even greater camera, touting an improved autofocus system of sorts, slated for a glitzy unveil next Wednesday. Excited?

Sources: Pocketnow, Sony Xperia GB (Twitter)

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