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Sony takes us on a drone tour of Hashima Island

Sony's new Action Cam is a rugged competitor for the GoPro series of cameras. Sony just mounted one to a hexacopter and showed off it's capabilities off the coast of Japan.

Hashima Island, also known as Battleship Island, lies a few miles off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. It was bought by Mitsubishi in 1890 and was soon developed into a coalmining facility that ran until 1974. At one point, the island had the highest population density on earth, and at its peak, more than 5000 people lived on its 16 acres of land. Today, the island stands empty, but it receives tourists since a few years back, and recently a hexacopter RC drone has paid a visit, courtesy of Sony.

To document the drone’s visit, Sony has rigged it up with their new action cam, dubbed appropriately, the Action Cam. It’s Sony’s attempt at a GoPro killer and films at 1080p with up to 4x slow motion video. It has a 170-degree fisheye lens, perfect for aerial shots, and weighs in at just 3.2 ounces (battery included). The camera’s trump card comes in the form of Sony’s Steady Shot and Shake Cancellation technologies, which will surely come in handy when filming bumpy events like mountain bike rides. The base model of the camera sells for $199, but if you want built in Wi-Fi, you’ll have to cough up $270.


It isn’t clear which drone was used for the flight, but Sony did mention that they used a carbon fiber self stabilizing rig for the video, as well as Sony's Play Memories to manage the footage. As for the camera itself, you can check the video it filmed below; the footage is quite good.


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