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Sony has something special prepped for November 12: international Xperia Z1 mini or 6-inch ‘Tianchi’?

Packing cutting-edge hardware and smooth as silk software into a compact-ish body has proven quite the challenge for Android’s top dogs. Except for Sony, whose 4.3-inch Xperia Z1 f has gone official a couple of weeks back with Snapdragon 800 heat, 2 GB RAM and 20.7 MP camera.


Only the f (known around town as the Xperia Z1 mini) is headed solely for Japan’s NTT DoCoMo for now, with the rest of the world rumored to be left hanging until next year. Next year?!? Come on, Sony, you can do better than that.

And hopefully, they will do better than that and formally intro the “international” Z1 mini come November 12. Shanghai is the reported venue selected for Sony Mobile’s press event of three weeks from now, albeit mum’s the word on what will be the focus during the happening.


On the record, that is, because off the record there are only two possible theories. Either the Z1 mini, who some sources suggest will end up being named Z1S, will debut, or we will be treated to an odd 6-inch mid-ranger dubbed “Tianchi” and powered by MediaTek’s much buzzed about “true” octa-core processor.

Mid-ranger, as in boasting 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution for a ppi reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 6.3. Here’s a crazy idea, Sony, why not bring this fellow forward and the Xperia Z1S? There’s plenty of room under the Android sun for both, right?

Oh, and by the by, apparently Sony’s publicity slogan for November 12’s press conference is “Be moved”. Yay for vagueness, huh?

Source: Phone Arena

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