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Sony ‘Sirius’ leaks reveal 4K and slow motion video recording

Recent leaks have resulted in a number of Android screenshots from Sony’s upcoming D6503 ‘Sirius’ phone, which reveal a large amount of cool functionality, including 4K and slow-motion video recording.


Sony’s D6503 ‘Sirius’ phone is all about the software. Some, convinced that the upcoming handset is intended as a successor to the Xperia Z1 (making Sirius the Xperia Z2) complain that the device is not a very great step forward in terms of hardware, based on the information leaks which have happened up until now.

But following a leak of information regarding the phone’s hardware yesterday, a tremendous number of screenshots from the device’s Android 4.4.2 KitKat software have followed, clearly showing that in the software department, the Sirius phone will not disappoint.

Among the most impressive details is the 4K recording option buried in Sirius’ already supremely impressive camera application.

4k has become something of a buzz word in the last few months, as it is endlessly discussed and chatted about. However, in the case of a little smartphone, it is worth drawing attention to what 4K really means.


With four times the number of pixels in Sirius’ 1080p screen, the 4K recording is impressive functionality.

The camera application comes bundled with some other interesting features, like “timeshift video”, a feature for recording video at a high frame rate for slow motion effects, and ‘AR effect’, a feature which apparently augments virtual effects onto real life scenes.

Among a plethora of additional functionality, it is notable to mention that the Sirius will come bundled with an answering machine, eliminating the need for a voice mailbox.

The ‘smart call handling’ feature will allow users to answer or reject phone calls using gestures – for example, bringing the phone closer to your ear will answer the call, while shaking it will reject it.


Sirius includes a ‘smart backlight control’ feature, which will keep the phone’s screen on as long as you are looking at it, and turn off when you look away.

The phone will come with two homescreens – ‘Xperia home’, and ‘Simple home’. While the latter is default, the second would appear to be an enlarged UI for people with sight difficulties.

Finally, it also looks as though the Sirius will come with twin stereo speakers, one located at the top and bottom of the device.



Source: xperia blog

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