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Sony Singapore unveils BRAVIA WE5 Series LCD TV


Sony Singapore has announced the new BRAVIA WE5 series LCD TV which claims environmentally friendly features such as the Microtubular HCFL, Presence Sensor and Energy Saving Switch to achieve minimal usage of energy.

Sony Singapore has unveiled the new BRAVIA WE5 Series LCD TV that embeds environmentally friendly features such as the world’s first Microtubular HCFL, a Presence Sensor and an Energy Saving Switch on top of providing high quality visual entertainment.

The Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL) Backlight Panel uses up to 40%  less energy when users are watching TV thus achieving lower power consumption while maintaining the same level of brightness when compared to conventional CCFL LCD TVs.

Sensing if a viewer is present or not in the room, the intelligent Presence Sensor function is able to temporarily turn off the TV picture which instantly reduces power consumption by 50%. With this function, the TV can also be set to turn off the picture after a preset period of time. Ambient Light Sensor technology is also incorporated to automatically adjust picture settings based on the viewing environment to maintain optimal brightness and conserve energy. Meanwhile a pre-set Eco setting allows users to watch TV at minimal energy consumption.

The environmental-friendly features do not stop when the TV is switched off. The BRAVIA WE5 Series also has an Energy Saving Switch conveniently located that lets you shut off the power without having to unplug the AC cord from the mains. This cuts standby mode power consumption to practically 0W.

Featuring Motionflow 100Hz technology, BRAVIA Engine 3, and Full High Definition (Full HD) resolution, the BRAVIA WE5 Series effectively achieves minimal usage of energy without compromising picture quality.

For further audio visual enhancements, other popular BRAVIA technologies in the WE5 Series include 24P True Cinema which reproduces frames at the same speed as the original film source and S-Force Front Surround Sound for simulated surround from the TV speakers. In terms of connectivity, the WE5 Series features one-touch operation BRAVIA Sync, is DLNA certified which allows the user to play movies, photos and music stored in your digital camera, mobile phone or PC onto your LCD TV, and 4 HDMI inputs.

The new eco-friendly BRAVIA WE5 series will be available in 40- and 46-inch sizes, from mid-June.

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