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Sony shows off new translucent DSLR that consumers will never own

DSLRs are well known for being available in any colour the user wants them to be, as long as it is black. And once again, leave it to Sony to break the mould by exhibiting a new camera over at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show that sports a one-of-a-kind translucent plastic body. The only problem? This camera will never see the light of day in an actual photographer's hands.

If there is one universal feature about DSLRs which applies to most manufacturers in the market, it has to be the fact that most of the cameras available in the market that fall under that category typically come with only one available colour: black. Of course, that is not necessarily a bad thing: after all, professionalism plays a huge part in the selection of photography gear, and needless to say totting around candy-coloured DSLRs to a professional photoshoot does not do one's professional image much help at all.

Still, there are times where life needs to be a little more colourful that just dealing with things in black and white, and it would appear that Sony's latest camera which debuted in the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show held in Japan might just support that fact. Indeed, gracing Sony's exhibit was nothing lesser than a new translucent Sony Alpha DSLR, complete with the company's proprietary translucent mirror technology.

Looks rather nice, doesn't it? Apparently, a website known as PetaPixel claims that this transparent Alpha DSLR spotted in the show is actually the body for the Japanese electronics giant's upcoming Sony Alpha A77 DSLR. Outfitted with the same translucent mirror technology as mentioned in the previous paragraph, the A77 is expected to replace the company's current A700 DSLR, and will feature various new features such as 1080p video recording and a high-resolution APS-C sensor. Which sounds suspiciously like a certain high-resolution APS-C sensor we talked about quite some time ago.

Of course, with the A77 being an upcoming model, it should be expected that Sony is not about to let the cat out of the bag by revealing too much information about it. And it seems to be working: apparently, no one has the faintest idea as to when the A77 will be released, and how much Sony intends to sell it for.

That being said, we can at least say that we have positive information about a certain fact. The translucent body you see up there? Well, it's not for sale. Yep, you heard that right. What, you mean you were actually hoping that Sony would think of selling its prototype device? Sorry to spoil your hopes, dude.

Source and image: PetaPixel

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