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Sony schedules CES 2015 event, Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact rehashes incoming?

Sony is on track to wrapping up 2014 on a high note, after a satisfactory Xperia Z3 US dispatch, but in keeping with tradition, the Japanese mobile OEM is already looking ahead.

CES 2015

Don’t roll your eyes, you knew this was coming. The avalanche of CES 2015 teasers and pre-announcements. Yes, that’s pre-announcements, as in the announcements ahead of the actual announcements. The announcements of announcement events.

First out the gate with a date and a time – Sony. Monday, January 5, starting at 5 pm PST. Jot it down, because it may be one of the press gatherings to watch out for in Las Vegas. It’s no big mystery Sony likes to update its flagship devices often, but the big question is will the Xperia Z4 debut at CES in January, or MWC a month later?

Recent history tells us the Japanese are a little fonder of the glitzy European introduction stage. This year, they brought the Xperia Z1 Compact to Las Vegas, and left the full-sized flagship Z2 for Barcelona. But then they linked the Z3 and Z3 Compact intros, and used IFA Berlin as an unveil host.

Sony CES 2014


It’s entirely possible both sequels are en route to CES 2015, especially as Sony is beginning to take its American prospects seriously. The Z3 can be currently had on Verizon pacts, as well as free of contractual obligations via T-Mobile US.

Other CES launch candidates are a new version of Sony’s fast and furious 10-inch Xperia Tablet, and a 12 incher meant to rival Microsoft and Samsung in the laptop replacement niche. A fresh smartwatch seems like a long shot, whereas a mid-end entry in the E, M or T smartphone franchises is probable, but not particularly enticing.

As far as the rumored Z4 goes, we expect more than just a rehash of the Z3. A Quad HD 5.5-inch display, 64-bit quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, and 4 GB RAM are among the cutting-edge specifications speculated for this extensive upgrade. After which maybe, just maybe Sony will stretch the six-month production cycle to a full year.

Source: Sony Blog

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