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Sony rumored to unveil world’s first smartphone with a 4K display at IFA 2015


A leaked User Agent Profile for an upcoming Sony Xperia smartphone with the model number E6853 has showed up online. The most significant info that the UAProfile reveals is the screen resolution of the device – 3840 x 2160.

The E6853 model number has been leaked online earlier but the fact that it sports a 4K resolution display is definitely quite surprising. Given the fact that Sony’s latest flagship smartphone the Xperia Z3+ still comes with a 1080p resolution display, makes it a bit difficult to digest the new info that Sony is testing a smartphone with a 4K UHD resolution display. The only Sony Xperia smartphone with a Quad HD display currently is the Xperia Z4v for Verizon Wireless in the US.


Based on info available from sources on Weibo, the smartphone is likely to be the Xperia Z5 ‘P’ (possibly the Xperia Z5 Plus) and will feature a 5.5” sized display. That translates to a mind-bogglingly high pixel density of 806 PPI. Japanese display maker Sharp had announced a 5.5-inch 4K IGZO display earlier this year, so we guess the Xperia Z5 Plus could use the same panel if it does end up being the first or one of the first 4K display smartphones in the market at IFA this year.

Source: XperiaBlog

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