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Sony responds to rumours of PS4’s DRM

Sony has been listening to those curious about what the DRM will be like for their upcoming console. We've got some good news, some bad news and some vague news.

With the announcement of the Xbox One last week, people began to weigh their options a lot more seriously when it came to the next console generation. Microsoft having already put themselves in a position where they had not detailed many games and a lack of backwards compatibility, many began to side with Sony and the PS4, but a few online folks were a bit more cautious. A twitter campaign using the hashtag #PS4NoDRM has sparked an online discussion about what Sony will be doing for their upcoming console and how many of their more vocal fans oppose the idea.

Sony has struggled with DRM in the past, such as with the software Cinavia and the problems that caused for a few film watchers, but with their new console, very few have been vocal about the plans. The first major hint at a DRM was started when GameTrailers', Geoff Keighly, the man infamous for inciting the Dorito-Gate scandal, noted on a recent episode of Bonus Round, a GameTrailers series, at the possibility of DRM on the PS4. Of course, Sony as a major corrporation will have some form of DRM, either in their software or apart of the consoles operating system, but the extent of it is still unknown. However, higher ups have definitely taken notice, as the head of Sony's Hardware Marketing division in the US, John Keller tweeted out, "This is why I love PlayStation fans the passion bucket overflows #playstation"

However, a parody Twitter account of Sony's CEO Kaz Harai had this to say: 

It has definitely received the most attention with over a thousand retweets being used over the entire campaign. As of writing this post, neither Sony, Playstation nor any other major player has advised anything about the upcoming DRM for any Sony gaming products. 

That being said, Sony could have a largely hands-off approach when it comes to the PS4, due to a recent shift in the company. The company has proposed to split their entertainment and electronics division. This would mean that the gaming arm of the company would go to the entertainment divison, and may be focused on enacting a console with little to no DRM. Time will tell. While rumours persist that the console may be delayed in Europe, the lack of DRM could be a boost in Sony's profits for international buyers hoping to get the console on or close to the American release.


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