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Sony reportedly “earnest” in preparing a PlayStation tablet PC…with Android, of course

How does the idea of being able to game away on your favourite game titles for the Sony PlayStation console from the luxury of a tablet PC sound like? Well, don't be surprised, but that day might actually come a lot sooner than you'd expect. According to various sources, it appears that the Japanese electronics giant is well under way in its plans to bring out a new tablet PC for consumers that will do more than just enjoy the 'standard' media content supported by most competing devices today.

The PlayStation might be Sony's bundle of joy when it comes to video game consoles, but it seems that the Japanese electronics giant is starting to see that there are many ways in which the PlayStation brand might be able to prove beneficial for its line of consumer electronic devices. After all, the recent scenario of Sony managing to generate a large deal of hype over the supposed 'PlayStation Phone' without having to do anything should be a testament as to how powerful the PlayStation brand really is.

However, it would seem that the Japanese electronics giant is not about to stand still, especially when it has the infamous distinction of being one of the few big-name OEMs that has yet to hop onto the current tablet PC bandwagon.  The good news though, is that reports from various sources seem to indicate that  Sony intends to remedy that situation with a new multimedia tablet that can reportedly do more than just connect to the Internet and watch movies. And yes, that same tablet will sport the PlayStation branding that gamers have come to know and love.

Very few details about the upcoming PlayStation-branded tablet have been revealed, but what we do know is that the tablet is currently known by its codename of 'S1' from within Sony,  and that the company in intending to outsource the device's production to Quanta Computer.

In addition, the information that we have managed to gather seems to indicate that the device will sport the Android Honeycomb operating system which Google claims has been specially optimized for larger-than-smartphone displays, while the hardware consists of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip, a 9.4-inch display and dual cameras. And of course, the PlayStation branding means that the tablet will be fully capable of playing games released for the new PlayStation Suite platform.

Last but definitely not least, it seems that Sony does not intend to compete on price with the tablet: it will reportedly be released for retail in September this year for US$600.

Source: Digitimes

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