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Sony releases new portable stereo FM/AM radio in Japan

Who needs radios now that most of our smartphones boast built-in FM receivers? Well, tell that to users who have to live in areas where natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes are common occurrences, and suddenly the idea of using a mobile phone for a radio quickly loses its appeal, especially when the electricity needed to charge the device has been cut off. However, if you cannot stand having to deal with ugly black radios any longer, the good news is that Sony has just announced the availability of its new portable radio which is available in any colour you want, as long as they are white, pink or black.

Sony has just announced the availability of its new portable FM/AM radio for Japan. The radio, which is known as the SRF-18, has been touted by the Japanese electronics giant to be designed with the needs of young consumers in mind, due to the growing popularity of various radio program broadcasts among such the younger generation today.

According to Sony's press release, the new SRF-18 will make use of an analogue tuner knob for setting one's desired frequency, instead of the typical digital tuners which are found on most hi-fi systems. In addition, the company has also confirmed that the SRF-18 will support both the FM and AM broadcasting frequency bands, and that it can also be used as a stereo speaker for most devices thanks to the presence of an audio input jack. Last but definitely not least, Sony has also revealed that users can make use of the SRF-18 to record radio broadcasts into compatible devices such as its Walkman line of portable media players via the use of an audio output jack.

No prices for the SRF-18 have been released by Sony yet, although the company has confirmed that Japanese consumers can expect to see the portable radio on retail shelves come October 21 this year.

Source: Sony Japan

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