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Sony releases new additions to Walkman W series of portable media players in Japan

Need a new portable media player that is rugged enough to withstand the knocks and perspiration involved when engaging in some serious exercise? If so, Sony has got the solution for you, and it comes in the form of its latest additions to its Walkman W series of rugged portable media players. According to Sony, the new W series of Walkmans will boast various features which make them ideal for use in various physical activities such as sports.

Sony has announced the availability of its latest additions to its W series of rugged portable media players that are sold under the Walkman branding. Known as the Sony Walkman MWD-W263, the Walkmans are claimed to be suitable for use in activities such as exercises and sports because of their lightweight and waterproof designs.

According to Sony, the new MWD-W263 boasts a 25% weight reduction over its predecessors, while the lack of a headphone cord ensures that users do not have to worry about any potential distractions in the midst of their exercises. In addition, the MWD-W263 comes preloaded with various frills associated with the Walkman brand, such as Sony's Clear Audio Technology and Quick Charge feature, which allows users to enjoy up to 60 minutes of audio playback uptime with just a mere three minute charge.

Last but not least, Sony has confirmed that the MWD-W263 will feature 4GB of internal flash storage and will support a variety of common audio formats, namely MP3, WMA, ATRAC, Linear PCM and AAC. Unfortunately, it seems that FLAC support is still not present in the new NWD-W263 Walkman. Oh well.

Sony has not released any details about the new Walkman MWD-W263's pricing or global availability, although the Japanese electronics giant has confirmed that the media player is expected to be released for sale in Japan in four different colours (blue, pink, white and black) come September 10 this year,

Source: Sony Japan

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