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Sony to release PS4 2.50 ‘Yukimura’ update tomorrow


The much anticipated PlayStation 4 System Update version 2.50 will be releasing tomorrow for users. The update, codenamed ‘Yukimura’, brings a number of changes that will enhance the overall PS4 experience.

One of the main features included with the Yukimura update is the Suspend/Resume feature that wil be supported by all PS4 games. You will be able to jump in and out of any game you ace playing with the press of the PS button.

The update also adds new social media features such as Facebook Friend Finder, improved friend requests, streamlined party access, and ability to join friends directly from news feed.

Other features included with the new 2.50 update are back-up and restore HDD to USB, Trophy sharing, improved accessibility options, remote play and share play, Sub-Account upgrade, verified accounts, automatic system software updates, and Dailymotion support.

The new update is expected to come out in Japan tomorrow, PS4 owners in other regions can also expect to receive the update in the next few days.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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