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Sony quietly discontinues NEX-3 series of digital cameras

The NEX-3 may be one of the more drool-worthy digital cameras to exist on the market today, but it seems that Sony has got other plans in store for the market segment currently targeted by the aforementioned device. In what is probably the shortest-ever product lifespan for a digital camera, Sony Japan has labelled the NEX-3 as a discontinued product, despite it being barely a year since it was launched.

Well, this is indeed surprising. For a company that has already prided itself on having products which boast some of the longest product lifespans, it would seem that Sony has also got quite a few products which do not seem to live past its first year of retail life before getting canned from the company's production line. 

And in this case, it would appear that even popular products are not spared from the hammer, for the latest device to get the heave-ho from Sony's production line is that of the compact-sized 'DSLR' known as the NEX-3. Indeed, a quick peek into Sony's Japanese site reveals that the information was no hoax: the NEX-3 has indeed been dropped, with the product page listing the camera's status as 'Discontinued'. 

Unfortunately, Sony has not been very forthcoming with its reasons for the sudden pulling of the NEX-3 from its NEX lineup. And with no press release issued, it would seem that consumers do not have much choice but to wait for the official explanation from the Japanese consumer electronics giant. 

Source: Sony

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