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Sony PS4 will stream PS3 games?

Forget backward compatibility, as the PlayStation 4 will stream PS3 games from the clouds.

A source familiar with Sony’s next-gen console apparently reported to the WSJ that the streaming feature will be shown off, along with the PS4, on Wednesday.

This “rumor” is falling directly in line with previous discussions and debates about whether or not Sony will take a more proactive approach when developing their latest console with respect to the clouds.  Sony has to utilize these fast connections to further enhance the PlayStation experience as more and more consumers have access to broadband internet.

Clearly, the Japanese consumer tech and game console maker will continue to utilize physical drives to deploy game titles, but the ability to stream titles of the previous-gen console will allow gamers to enjoy older games without having to worry too much about hardware—aside from the connection that they’re on of course. 

Sony is set to pull the curtain on the PS4 on February 20th in New York City.  We’ll get all the specifics and rumor confirmations then.

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