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Sony PS4 dev kit passes FCC filing, 2.75 GHz max core clock listed

A Sony PlayStation 4 dev kit just passed through FCC with a previously unheard of high 2.75 GHz max core clock speed listed in the product description. What clock speed will the CPU finally be set to run at?

Sony PS4 dev kit FCC filing

Thanks to FCC, we are getting to have a closer look at the internal components of a Sony PlayStation 4 developer kit, and it sure is spicy in there. Up until now, from the first time when the PS4 was revealed to the world, we were of the solid impression that the 8-core Jaguar based AMD CPUs ticking away at the heart of every PS4 are running at 1.6 GHz core frequency. The FCC filing reveals that the maximum core clock of the PS4 CPU is 2.75 GHz, a number that we completely hadn’t even dreamed off. Why so? Because Jaguar architecture is built for maximum efficiency around the 2-2.4 GHz mark. A 2.75 GHz core clock speed would require much higher power with a disproportionately lesser increase in performance over, say, 2 GHz. The listing does specify “max clock frequency” as 2.75 GHz, are we looking at “Turbo Core” here? If so, it would mean that individual PS4 cores can clock as high as 2.75 GHz when a task or game is less multi-threaded and depends more on fewer cores with faster performance. Bear in mind, the listing also reveals that the core should always function between a temperature range of 5C to 35C. We know for a fact that the PS4 will be launched in India later this year, perhaps we should pass a memo containing max temperatures of our country’s capital (48C), just in case that slipped out of their minds.

Sony PS4 dev kit FCC 2.75 GHz max clock

Source: FCC | via Engadget

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