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Sony Presents Walkman B series, NWZ-B140F

Sony Presents Walkman B series, NWZ-B140F

Today, Sony Singapore announced their latest Walkman® B series designed for mobile music enjoyment. It features MP3 playback, voice and FM radio recording and boasts a continuous playback time of up to 18 hours.

(Singapore, 2 July 2009) – Sony Singapore presents new Walkman® B series, NWZ-B140F, an all-in-one music companion. The latest Walkman® B series offers a wide range of audio capabilities from MP3 playback to voice and FM recording, allowing students to enjoy their favourite songs and record lectures. Designed for mobile music enjoyment, the Walkman® B series features the new ZAPPIN technology, a continuous playback time of up to 18 hours and a slimmer, sleeker body with a featherlight weight of just 26g.
Developed by Sony, the ZAPPIN technology when activated  plays just the main chorus portion of each song in the music library. This lets users easily scan their music library for their desired song just by listening to snippets of the choruses, without having to view a display screen to navigate and find music tracks.
Increasing convenience for music lovers, the Walkman® B series features a short 3-minute Quick Charge capability for 90 minutes’ worth of audio playback, allowing users to spend more time enjoying their music rather than charging the player. For the ultimate mobile music marathon, the new B series also allows consumers to enjoy up to 18 hours (previously 16 hours) of continuous music playback time on a single battery charge. Available in four new sporty colours of pink, red, orange and black, the new Walkman® series features expanded storage space with 2GB and 4GB capacities, and is able to hold up to 2550 songs. 
The new Walkman® B series is equipped with a convenient BASS button to allow consumers to easily select the Bass Enhancer mode to enjoy their favourite songs with more oomph, while the Equalizer function lets users select desired sound modes, be it pop or jazz, according to the music genres of their songs. Also incorporated are voice and FM radio recording, hi-speed USB connectivity for hassle-free drag and drop music transfers, and multiple language support for its menu display.
The Walkman® is bundled with MDR-E804 headphones for convenient plug and play, and is available now at all Sony authorised retailers. Suggested retail prices start from S$74 for the 2GB model NWZ-B142F and S$99 for the 4GB model NWZ-B143F (inclusive of GST).

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