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Sony and Panasonic announce ‘Archival Disc’, an optical disc that can store 300 GB of data

A single Archival Disc can store 300 GB to 1 TB of data.


Sony and Panasonic have announced a new optical disc standard that  for long-term storage. Dubbed “Archival Disc,” these drives come with dust and water resistance and are more durable thanks to their ability to withstand changes in heat and humidity. The discs will also feature “inter-generational compatibility” with different formats.

The most interesting feature of the Archival Disc is its ability to store large volumes of data. A single disc will be able to store 300 GB of data at the beginning, with future solutions set to store 500 GB and even 1 TB of data on a single disc. Sony and Panasonic mention that the use of crosstalk cancellation technology along with high linear density signal processing has enabled them to offer over five times the storage that is offered by Blu-Ray discs today.


The format is catered to a professional audience that needs affordable solutions to store large amounts of data. While hard discs have been the go-to method until now, Sony and Panasonic are betting on the Archival Disc medium as an alternative. The discs would be commercially available from 2015.

Source: Sony

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