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Sony Online Entertainment publicly shames cheaters of Planetside 2

SEO is cracking down hard on cheaters, hackers, and general ne'er-do-wells in their popular game Planetside 2. The president of the company, John Smedly, took to personally naming the "scumbags" on his Twitter account. While hackers and cheaters really do have it coming, the violent lash-out by Smedly leaves some wondering if he went too far.

"Haruhi at http://artificialaiming.com was just banned. all 3 of his accounts. Goodbye you scumbag. Find a new hobby or get good at the game."

Ouch! This was posted publicly from John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. If that won't bring the red out in your cheeks, nothing will.

This was only part of a chain of posts by Smedley, though it may be the most cutting. He and SOE have been ruthlessly hunting down cheaters, hackers, and ne'er-do-well-ers on the game Planetside 2. They ban the players, and then periodically publicly shame them via social media sites such as Twitter. That's where Smedley has been posting these biting gems.

In truth, the players of the game itself have been complaining at length about the amount of cheaters in the game. SOE is only, in essence, responding to what the majority of their gaming audience wants – retribution.

“I want to make some very clear statements about hacking in PlanetSide 2. We are aggressively banning people,” Smedley said. “We play the game — we see the people using aim bots. We are banning them. We see people attempting other stuff. We are banning them. As they develop hacks, we will break the hacks. We have time and great people. Trust that this is a top priority. Hackers will not win.”

There was some negative response to the naming-of-names by John – he has this to say about that: “People are asking why I publicly named Haruhi. Ordinarily our policy is not to do that. Since he’s pushing the Aimbot site I thought an exception has to be made for the guy pimping the tools hackers are using. It’s not to shame him. It’s to make an example and say ‘the stuff this guy is selling or giving you will get you banned… just like him.”

Wow. What a warning. These are some pretty strong words from the president of such a big company. It seems there is a trend growing with large online games to outright ban people from playing – earlier this week we saw Riot Games ban a pro player from League of Legends, and now this. Better question – is this hot, or not?

Source: DigitalTrends

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