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Sony my Xperia out of beta, lets you track your stolen phone’s location

Sony's new my Xperia app is finally out of beta, giving users across the globe access to their phone's location as well as a host of recovery options to get back your lost phone, or at least not let the thieves be able to use it.

myXperia Sony phone recovery tool

my Xperia is Sony's answer to Apple's iPhone device location service. The company beat Google to it by announcing the full version of my Xperia today. The app was earlier in beta, and was limited to the Nordics only.

'my Xperia' is a phone recovery tool at its core. The final app supports 2012 and 2013 Xperia Smartphones and allows owners to track the location of a misplaced or stolen Sony Xperia phone. In addition to the pin point location, owners can lock down their phone, sound an alert and erase the internal storage. All of this is possible remotely, via the web.

Here's the list of functions (as listed on Sony Mobile Blog):

  • Sound an alert to get someone’s attention –it’ll also override silent mode and wake the display
  • Map location via myxperia.sonymobile.com
  • Lock the phone to keep info private, and ping a message with contact details or…
  • Erase both internal and external SD card info / data if required

For a Xperia 2012 or 2013 Smartphone owner, this one's a no-brainer. Hit the source link and sign up for the program, now.

Source: myXperia via Sony Mobile Blog

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