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Sony’s newly announced PS Vita Slim will phase out existing PS Vita handhelds in the U.K.

Sony has recently unveiled a new leaner design for their flagship handheld, coined as the PS Vita Slim, which will be available starting next month and replace the current stock of PS Vita units.

PS Vita Slim

Earlier today in an official press conference in London, Sony revealed that Japan’s slenderized PlayStation Vita handheld–the PS Vita 2000–will cross over into Europe under the banner of the PS Vita Slim.

The slimmer, more lithe model is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current PS Vita, and emphasizes the system’s penchant for lightweight portability. The new PS Vita Slim is priced at £180 and will ultimately replace the current PCH-1000 PS Vita handhelds, Sony has recently confirmed.

Along with being lighter and trim, the new PS Vita Slim units swap the PCH-1000’s OLED screen for a cheaper LCD screen, and Sony affirms that gamers can get 6 hours of play time with a single battery charge. Sadly this reduction in pricing also means a reduction in quality, as the slim model maintains its £180 price tag due to the LCD screen swap.

Additionally the newer models will come with 1GB of internal memory for game saves, alleviating some of the frustrations in purchasing the handheld’s infamously expensive memory cards.

PS Vita 2000

The PS Vita Slim will reportedly be available for pre-order starting tomorrow, however we’re still not sure if Sony will offer the vibrant rainbow colored options akin to the Japanese handheld.

Furthermore there was no announcement of an overseas release for North America, but given time we should hear something–but Sony’s phasing-out trend wouldn’t be very welcome news to some gamers.

While some gamers might prefer the bulk of the PCH-1000 Vitas, the internal memory is a nice addition. The LCD replacement screen, however, has been seen as a big drawback as it provides a noticeable difference in quality. The latter is a shame, considering the PCH-1000 models will eventually be phased out in favor of the newer, slimmer and cheaper units, which only goes to show that the cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

Earlier this month Sony had sent out invites for a mysterious press event focused on a “slim” announcement, so this unveiling isn’t much of a surprise. The PS Vita Slim will hit retail shelves in the U.K. on Feb. 7, 2014 for a price point of £180.

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