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Sony F65 CineAlta Camera Makes Debut Appearance, Announces 3D Cameras and more

With the buzz going around in BroadcastAsia 2011, Sony brings a little surprise for the industry with an announcement of their F65 CineAlta camera, pushing standards to another level and yes, it is making its debut appearance in Singapore. 

Along with the F65, Sony is also announcing various 3D cameras and OLED monitors. Hop on to read more

For a start, the F65 CineAlta is the result of Sony's 30 years of research as this is the industry's first camera with groundbreaking 20 megapixels 8K CMOS sensor, a huge leap over the F35's 12.4 megapixel 1080p CCD

Amazing is an understatement with Sony delivering its promise to bring true 4K resolution and beyond at the point of image capture, the 8K CMOS sensor can run up to a maximum of 120 frames per second with a performance that brings film color reproduction and a wider color gamut. It also able to support 16bit RAW output from an on-board SRMemory recording. 

The Sony imager on the F65 is also the first to provide a dedicated green photosite for each pixel in the 4K output image. This is twice the amount of green resolution compared with traditional 4K Bayer pattern sensors.

Looking at its on-set monitoring, the F65 camera features x2 /x4 magnification for critical focusing. There are two HD-SDI monitor outputs and one HD VF output. At the picture below, here is a look at the control interface of the F65

F65's RAW Workflow utilises its 20 megapixel imager sensor for maximum quality at a file size smaller than uncompressed RGB data. Capable of rendering multiple resolutions in post, this is the future of Sony cinematography. 

At an exclusive closed-door launch event with guests and members of media, we were treated to a 4K film screening of a stunning short film ‘The Arrival’ created by Curtis Clark using the F65 CineAlta camera. It redefines the usaul catch phrase -"Visually Stunning" 

With such a beast, Sony uses their SRMemory, a removable memory cartridge for quality recording. It is able to transfer at 5Gbps and comes in different storage capacit from 256GB to 1TB. It supports multi-channel HD and high framerate recording with data security in mind. 

With that comes the critical question. Price and avaiilbility. Sony mentions that the pricing will be announced at IBC 2011 in September, no definite price announced but we might be looking at numbers from $10K to $99K. The F65 will be making its debut appearance in BroadcastAsia which taking place from June 21 – 24, 2011 at Suntec Singapore.




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