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Sony Extra-Bass Earphones Receives an Array of Updates at CES 2017

Everyone’s looking for that bass. Without a doubt, most of us are suckers for a good bass when we go headphone shopping. Capitalising on that need, Sony has released a new line of Extra-Bass earphones for us to dance our hearts out to at CES 2017.

The XB950N1 and XB950B1 wireless headphones not only promise powerful and enhanced bass responses these devices come with Bluetooth® audio streaming as well as Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. The XB950N1 isn’t your ordinary noise-isolating earphone. It is actually a noise cancelling device that adapts to your surroundings and terminates any ambient sounds, giving you the ability to truly focus on the music you want to.

The XB550AP headphones are a wired pair of device that features a premium metal headband alongside uniquely-designed ear cups which work in conjunction with strong drivers to deliver a truly punchy and resonating bass response. Furthermore, its 30mm driver units are constructed to help it in delivering a balanced sound with an exceptional low-end, with 5 – 22,000Hz frequency response.

For sports enthusiasts, the XB510AS in-ear headphones might be something to watch out for. This pair of sports headphones work cohesively are specially designed such that their easy-to-wear design has arc supporters that provide stable and steady fit for active users who are constantly on the move. Alongside their IPX5/IPX7 water-resistant design, these enhanced bass headphones can be worn whilst running in the rain or even sitting around the pool.

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