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Sony Ericsson announces availability of new Live With Walkman smartphone

Can't live without having those earphone plugged into a mobile phone or portable media player while on the move, even if the commute from one place to another is extremely short? If so, there will be much to look forward to, especially if you are a fan of Sony Ericsson's smartphones, for the company has just announced the availability of a new smartphone, the Live With Walkman, which claims to be capable of delivering a “unique social music experience” to consumers.

The ubiquitous smartphone may have replaced portable media players as the…uh…portable media player of choice for consumers who cannot live without their trusty earphones plugged into their ears at all times while commuting from once place to another, due to its capability to provide basic audio playback. However, users who crave more than just that basic functionality for their mobile music needs will probably have much to look forward to with Sony Ericsson's new Live With Walkman smartphone, which is reportedly capable of delivering a “unique social music experience”.

According to the company, the new Sony Ericsson Live With Walkman smartphone, which is powered by version 2.3 of the Android operating system (aka Gingerbread), will boast the use of Sony's proprietary xLOUD technology to enhance the audio output. In addition, the smartphone will also feature a dedicated Walkman button which provides instant access to its media player, while the “unique social music experience” is brought about by a combination of features such as deep Facebook integration with various commonly-used utilities such as the phonebook and media player and the inclusion of TrackID to identify and download music tracks that are currently being played on the smartphone's FM receiver or audio player.

Specs-wise, the smartphone's processing power is backed up by a CPU clocked at 1GHz, while its internal flash memory tops out at 320MB, although users can always make use of microSD cards to expand on the limited amount of storage present on the Live With Walkman. Lastly, the smartphone will also come bundled with a 1200mAh battery pack which is reportedly capable of delivering up to 600 hours of uptime on standby, or 14 hours and 15 minutes of talktime.

No details about pricing has been revealed by Sony Ericsson, although the company has confirmed that the Live With Walkman smartphone is expected to make its way onto retail shelves locally come Q4 this year.

Full specifications can be obtained from Sony Ericsson's press release here.

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