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Sony dumps Music Unlimited for Spotify

Sony is launching a new Spotify-powered music service, which will debut this spring.


Sony has decided to drop their music streaming service Sony Music Unlimited, in favor of a Spotify powered service, and it’ll be hitting the Playstation 3, 4 and Xperia phones this spring. According to Sony, it’ll be available in 41 markets when it launches. This will be the first time a gaming console gets a Spotify app, and will be a nice comeback after Xbox managed to beat Playstation to getting HBO Go.

The service will support both the free version of Spotify and the ad-free paid subscription. The service will enable streaming music both in the app and in the background while playing games. As of yet there’s little info in regards to pricing, and there are no images of videos of the new app, but Sony has revealed that it will be shutting down Music Unlimited on March 29. Any users who are paid subscribers on February 28 will receive free access to the service until the end of its run.


Maybe now I’ll actually have a reason to use my PS4…

This is actually pretty good news to Playstation owners. For one, anyoe who already has a Spotify account won’t have to go through the hassle of rebuilding their music library for listening on a Sony device. More importantly though, the previous service was, at first, the only way to listen to music on the PS4. With a sluggish interface and no free options beyond a 30 day trial, this meant that for a lot of people, the console wasn’t going to be used for music at all. As of system software 2.0, it can now play music via USB drive as well, and with Spotify on its way in, perhaps we can all agree Sony has made up for the shaky start.

Source: Playstation Blog

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